Use this step-by-step guide to get instant access to the powerful and turnkey trading bot. We put a lot of effort into making everything as simple as possible. Let's go...

Step 1

You probably already know that there are only 100 slots for the Trading Bot. So first contact us in advance via Discord (Oli#2625 or rondras#2025) to find out if one of the 100 slots is still available. If you have already contacted us, you can skip the first step.

Step 2

Now you have to send 99 SBD to @lightningdragon. The costs for the Trading Bot are composed as follows: 50 SBD per year and a one-time setup fee of 49 SBD. Please contact us after the payment via Discord to receive your confirmation of receipt.

Step 3

The next step is to create a new Steemit account on which one the Trading Bot will run. You can get a new account easy through the Steem Monsters website. Since the Trading Bot requires the posting key and the active key, it is advisable to use a new account and not your main account. You store the main password for this new account!

Step 4

Send a trading budget in SBD to your new Steemit account so the Trading Bot can trade with it later. We recommend not less than 100 SBD as trading budget. The Trading Bot only buys in SBD, so if you have STEEM in your account, convert them to SBD once in a while.

Step 5

Contact us via Discord again (Oli#2625 or rondras#2025) and send us the name, the posting key, and the active key of the new account. Now we will configure the Trading Bot manually. Usually, this takes 24 hours, so please be patient. After we finished setting up the Trading Bot, we will message you, and you can start with your personally configured Trading Bot.

If you have any further questions, read the FAQ.