Trading Bot beta 0.2

The Trading Bot, that runs under @lightningdragon is on everyone's lips in the Steem Monsters community. There is already much talk and speculation about the Trading Bot. Today the mystery is going to be solved.

The Trading Bot is a project of Tim (@rondras) and Oli (@oliverschmid) and the Trading Bot has been active since the first day of the Steem Monster Market. During this time we were able to gain a lot of experience and continuously improved the Trading Bot.

The Trading Bot takes care of the complete buy/sell process of your Steem Monsters cards and runs around the clock. This Bot will never get tired. Especially with large quantities of cards this is a great help. This is better than any bulk buy/sell because it will do all the work for you.

We have made the Trading Bot as easy as possible for you to use. For this you have a clean page with settings, with which you can configure the Trading Bot according to your preferences. The Trading Bot is constantly being developed further. Here is an example of the settings.

The access for the exclusive Trading Bot is limited to 100. Get your access to an exclusive, mighty and turnkey Trading Bot for only 50 SBD per year. In addition, a one-time setup fee of 49 SBD will be charged. If you have any further questions, read the FAQ.

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